Version Notes 2016 7 13

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 7/13/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Titan Pass CTF level visual pass for better clarity and improved performance.
  • Ranked matchmaking initial implementation and party system improvements. We will be running periodic ranked matchmaking tests over the next few weeks.
  • Sound balance and clarity pass, with new custom sound amplification system. Custom client-side amplification, occlusion, and low pass filtering of different types of sounds based on if player is the instigator, target, or teammate of the instigator of the sound.
  • Movement tweaks to sliding and acceleration.
  • Weapon functionality and balance tweaks to Redeemer, Rocket Launcher, Flak Cannon, and Impact Hammer shield.
  • Bot AI improvements


  • Titan Pass
    • Visual pass for better clarity and improved performance.
  • Underland
    • Miscellaneous fixes.
  • DM-Spacer and DM-Temple
    • Swapped bio rifle to bio launcher.
  • DM-Kapow
    • Updated player starts.
  • Tutorial fixes.


  • Slides from on the ground start with a small jump.
  • Decreased acceleration control while sliding, and increased slide duration.
  • Properly register slide requests made right after a dodge.
  • Reduced speed threshold for sliding.
  • Slide velocity more interrupted by damage momentum.
  • Fixed being able to slide again too soon.
  • Tweaks to character acceleration - fast initial, then slower.
  • Slightly decreased wall dodge velocity back to old value.
  • Knock players out of wall running when hit by momentum imparting damage.


  • Redeemer instigator doesn't change when shot down. (shooter still gets kill credit for any kills)
  • Redeemer now spawns every two minutes regardless of when it was last picked up
  • Fixed remote redeemer continuing to fly during intermission/half-time.
  • Remote redeemer is only triggered to explode by primary fire button, so you don’t actually blow yourself up when trying to launch.
  • Shot down Redeemer now falls out of the sky and has a delayed explosion so defenders have a chance to run
  • Tweaked rocket speed from 2700->2750.
  • Slightly increased rocket damage radius.
  • Reduced Link Gun max ammo 150->130
  • Reduced Stinger max ammo 240->200
  • Teammates don't block projectiles unless TeamDamagePct>0. (controlled by projectile property bCanHitTeammates).
  • Flak cannon damage changes: No centered shard bonus. Shards start with larger overlap radius, shrinks over time.
  • Flak shell has higher minimum radius damage and larger radius, 3 instead of 4 shards spawned on impact.
  • Sped up flak shards.
  • Impact hammer alt-fire shield slows projectiles rather than exploding them.
  • Guard against stale CurrentFireMode causing link pulse immediately upon alt fire
  • Shock rifle primary tests against head spheres outside of capsule, like sniper does.
  • Fixed issues with shooting heads poking out of capsules, especially at close range and when sliding.
  • Fixed weapon timing when fire rate changes while firing
  • New material for the link gun. Now has the master skin shader for future customization.
  • First person Flak Cannon now has new weapon master shader.
  • Flak cannon first person position adjusted.


  • Fixed network correction issue causing players to think they're stuck in a teleporter in some cases.
  • Fixed rocket launcher sync issue when loading rockets with only two ammo.
  • Fixed lift rarely getting stuck close to but not quite at the bottom on clients when there are gibs underneath it
  • Fixed weapon misfires in net play that occurred when client thought weapon fired again right before fire button was released, but on server it was one frame off. This caused client weapon animation but no projectile in LAN games, and client-side projectiles that had no server counterpart in internet games (which would result in perceived hit registration issues).
  • Fixed synchronization of flak shard positions between firing client and server in net games.

Spectating and Replays

  • Fix for first person spectating live matches.
  • Fixed spectating death messages.
  • Spectators and replay viewers see HUD caused and take damage indicators.
  • Exposed UTPickup camera property, allowing level design to associate a UTSpectatorCamera with the pickup so it is used when the pickup is selected on the spectator slide out.
  • Fixed flag status indicator scaling when scrubbing through replays.


  • Flag status scaling synched to 1 second.
  • Fixed netstats in standalone games.
  • In CTF don't show offscreen indicator for enemy base when your team has the flag.
  • No ammo widget if quickstats is displayed.
  • Fixed rocket lock indicator scaling.
  • Fixed rocket/grenade text positioning on HUD.
  • Clear HUD indicators when viewtarget changes.
  • Scale HUD flag status indicator on status change.
  • Don't show caused damage indicator on self damage.
  • New HUD options to hide damage indicators and paperdoll
  • Fixed issues with kick voting.
  • Fixed damage indicator with multi-damage from Flak.
  • Don't show message bar during player intro.


  • Rocket explosion shock wave is visible in low detail and lasts longer.
  • Updated redeemer explosion.
  • New outline effect via post process.
  • Fixed flag carrier corpse getting white outline left on sometimes.
  • Outline flag when holder is outlined.
  • Fixed flag carrier staying outlined after teammate switches to the enemy team.
  • Redeemer projectile has an outline for teammates.
  • Fixed translocator after image orientation.
  • Fixed translocator 3p attachment not applying invisibility material correctly.
  • Adjusted SSR quality 2 for Epic settings to cut down on artifacting.


  • Fixed knee slide animation pose heads being outside the capsule.
  • Updated all wall dodge and dodge direction poses to move character into the capsule.
  • Don't play headshot animation when swimming.


  • No longer show text for multikills, except for monsterkill. Show multiple skulls instead.
  • No longer show text for flag status messages.
  • Added new reward announcement sounds for some weapon rewards.
  • Make sure denied message is heard.
  • Added rejected message for stopping redeemer.
  • Delay for reward message so it isn’t drowned out by weapon sound.
  • Various announcements are louder.
  • Fixed displaying air snot message.
  • New reward announcements for redeemer launches.
  • Fixed announcements interrupting when not desired.
  • Fixed Minigun reward announcements.
  • Don't display weapon reward text, just play announcement.
  • CTF major announcements are white, not yellow.
  • Victory message updated to use emphasis text, and changed positioning.
  • Fixed announcement overlap and delay issues.
  • Removed "in your face" alternate Shredded announcement.


  • We’ve been working on ranked matchmaking for the last couple of months. For this release we'll be periodically holding several matchmaking tests. To make sure we have enough players in queue for matchmaking to work successfully, we'll be enabling it during peak times to keep your queue times low.

Party System

  • Smoothed out follower experience in hubs.
  • When quitting hub/games as follower, leave party.
  • If party leader is sitting in a server for over 2 minutes and the number of players hasn't changed, recycle matchmaking .skipping that server and raising the elo range bar for hosting.
  • No replay playback while in party.
  • Fixed party invites not working when in party lobby.
  • No offline play while in a party.
  • Disable rank limiting hub instances if the party leader starts one.
  • Have followers travel back to main menu if leader quits a non-ranked dedicated server.
  • Make sure that minimum number of combatants in hub lobby is at least the current party size.
  • Matchmaking dialog shows when party leader is quickmatching.
  • Fill with biggest team first so teams of three can fit more easily.
  • Unique message for joining a party
  • Don't allow joining parties that are already matchmaking
  • Fix party widget not updating invite list.


  • Don't allow users to start matches on hubs until all replication occurs. Fixes Game Mode Tabs and Maps sometimes missing when starting a match
  • Make sure non-beginners will quickmatch into any (non-beginner) JIP match


  • Improved Showdown auto select when player doesn't pick - prioritizes spawning close to weapons that no one else has taken.
  • Weapon Stay On mutator now works correctly in Showdown,
  • Fixed Players not spawning in expected orientation after choosing spawn point in Showdown and clicking and dragging with LMB.
  • Fixed "Overload" announcement playing when overcharge is available in Showdown.
  • Add DM-Kapow to Team Showdown default map list.
  • Fixed spawn preview scene capture rarely not rendering anything.
  • New reward announcement for Final Life.


  • New custom sound amplification system. Custom client-side amplification, occlusion, and low pass filtering of different types of sounds based on if player is the instigator, target, or teammate of the instigator of the sound.
  • Music fades out during gameplay, plays at intermissions.
  • Updated Sniper fire and reload sounds to new versions from MaxCarnage.
  • Made rocket, shock, and redeemer missile ambient sounds louder and more distinguishable.
  • Made redeemer fire sound more distinctive, not attenuated, and louder.
  • Own footstep sounds are quieter.
  • Fixed a bunch of sound cues which had LPF turned on or some other issue with attenuation settings.
  • Removed link beam impact sound spam.
  • Rocket launcher fire sound tweaks.
  • Fixed bulletwhip sounds.
  • No bullet whips for friendly shots.
  • Own water footsteps are quieter.
  • Added stinger alt impact sound.
  • Play hit grunt for self damage.
  • Cleaned up some taunts.
  • Added support for different first person weapon firing sounds.
  • Separate louder RL and Flak first person fire sounds.
  • Use new Flak reload sound, pitched down.
  • Removed ambient from stinger projectile.
  • Link beam sound is different if hitting nothing.
  • Added flesh impact sound for flak shards.
  • Tweaked sound mixes. Duck more for announcements and stingers. Put all stingers in correct sound class.
  • Teammate footsteps are quieter.
  • Fixed instigated pain sound amplification and duck weapon sounds when playing instigated pain sounds.
  • Quieter occluded footsteps.
  • Low pass filter and distance/volume impacts for occluded weapon fire sounds.
  • All shards have bounce sound.
  • Delay death sounds slightly.
  • Proper default LPF values to avoid screwed up sounds when going to area with no reverb volume.
  • Switched back to new menu music.
  • No sliding sound when wall running.


  • Scoring summaries don't replace entire scoreboard, rather show in bottom left quadrant.
  • Show scoring summary immediately when scoreboard comes up during intermissions.
  • Don't show individual player match stats from scoreboard (they can all be found in the player card).
  • Show victory message on scoreboard at end of match.
  • Made players and flag stand out better on minimap. Show enemy special players and recently pinged flags.
  • No flag status indicator during intermissions.
  • Fixed friend icon positioning on scoreboard.
  • Fixed issues with Ready display on pre-match scoreboard.
  • Don't show change team option if offline challenge or ranked match.
  • Scoreboard toggle is on and off during intermissions, hold for scoreboard during game.


  • Loading movie support.
  • Update to UT Social Style. Brought across the latest plugin.
  • Show meshed maps at top of map lists.
  • Changed DLC content warning to a dialog that allows you to abort the download process.
  • Expose view distance quality in system settings menu.
  • Fixed map vote buttons not getting the "default map texture" if they do not have an assigned texture.
  • Radial menu support
  • New radial menu for communication in team games. (default key ‘V’)
  • New radial menu for weapon selection. (not bound by default)

Bot AI

  • Bots now have appropriate fear of jumping into pain volumes.
  • Improvements to bot hunt/intercept pathing.
  • Fixed bot getting stuck for a bit if it is hunting an enemy and that enemy's last known position is near the bot's current location.
  • Reduced bots wall dodging when not in combat, especially when it would throw them off their path too much.
  • Fixed bots overshooting translocator targets in some situations.
  • Fixed low skill bots in ranged attack getting stuck looking at a wall when the enemy goes out of sight.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck jittering in certain edge cases with invisible enemy at low skill; bots at low skill no longer crouch when sniping.
  • Revamped ChooseBestPlayerTarget(), now takes the miss distance into account (works better for very short and long range misses). Bots have a better idea of when they are being targeted.
  • Slightly reduced skill level at which bots attempt to lead targets... new aiming model hopefully does a better job than a hard flag.
  • Fixed bots mispredicting difficult jumps in some situations.
  • Fixed various pathing issues on DM-DeckTest.
  • Updated pathing in DM-Chill.
  • Fixed missing navigation near sniper rifle in DM-Lea.
  • Fixed navigation issues in BioTower.
  • Fixed some pathing issues in DM-Kapow.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Added weapon lockers
  • Flag that isn't held always orients to face viewer.
  • Flag collision centered around flag pole again.
  • No blue skins in FFA.
  • Added ImmuneTeamIndex to UTPainVolume, specifies team not damaged by that volume if 0 or greater.
  • AllAmmo no longer gives ammo to super weapons. Fixes berserk adding redeemer missiles.
  • Fixed physicsvolume not updating on downed flag.
  • Fixed placing of players around flag at the end of CTF rounds
  • Fixed instagib mutator zoom setting not propagated to hub instance
  • Clientside killcam replay recording WIP. "UT.EnableKillcam 1" to test it.

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