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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 8/29/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Movement and weapon functionality and balance changes
  • HUD updates, including horizontal weapon bar option
  • New armor system
  • New warm up mode before match starts
  • Profile and key bindings refactor. All bindings will be reset to defaults.


  • Titan Pass
    • Collision and visual bug fixes
    • Lighting adjustment
    • Low spec fallback for sky
  • Outpost 23
    • Updated materials and lighting
  • Chill
    • Fixed wood board LOD materials and aggressive popping.
  • DM-Cannon
    • Reduced launch sound volume
  • Bio Tower
    • Corner walls now have weapon collision.


  • Slightly reduced GroundFriction 11.0->10.5.
  • Character acceleration tweaked 4200->4000.
  • Allow air control into and along vertical walls.
  • Limit horizontal speed from impulses to DodgeMaxHorizontalVelocity.
  • Reduced hop before sliding.
  • Hits that don't impart momentum do not slow down slide.
  • Removed slight landing damage reduction from slide on land.
  • Fixed unable to slide immediately after landing dodge.
  • Don't allow dodging off characters.
  • Fixed issues with mantling on to ledge when pressed into wall next to it.
  • Removed extra scaling of rocket self boost.
  • Always move up if pressing up in water. Fixes issues with getting out of water.


  • Flak Cannon
    • Reduced Flak damage per shard (17->14).
    • Reduced bounce damage pct (0.7->0.5).
    • Adjusted first person flak cannon size.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Increased Grenade toss velocity (1500->1900).
    • Reduced grenade bounce randomness.
    • Reduced grenade fuse time.
    • Longer burst interval for grenades.
    • Slightly increased rocket burst interval.
    • Rocket Launcher alt- fire can be held for 3 barrels even if run out of ammo.
  • Shock Rifle
    • Increased shock primary damage (40->45).
    • Increased minimum combo damage (30->45) and decreased max combo damage (200->199).
  • Minigun
    • Minigun alt fires at a higher rate faster smaller shards that don't last as long, do less damage, and no momentum add.
  • Link Gun
    • Link Gun overheats after shooting a (long) burst of primary fire, shoots slowly until cooled down.
    • Link projectile starts with smaller collision and grows quickly after spawning, so less effective at close range.
  • Bio Launcher
    • Temporarily removed alt fire web functionality until it can be improved.
  • Impact Hammer
    • Don't change instigator on impact shield slowed projectiles.
  • Redeemer
    • Increased redeemer missile health (35->50).
    • Reduced time before explosion after shot down (2.0 ->1.5s).
    • Redeemer plays alarm when shot down
    • Fixed remote redeemer sometimes getting stuck on owning client when it just misses collision on the server.
    • Fixed issues with redeemer being shot down by projectiles.
    • Added hit sound when redeemer missile is damaged.
    • Guided redeemer camera stays on explosion longer.
    • Redeemer outline shows for both teams when the missile has been shot down but not yet exploded.
  • Hit scan weapons
    • Added additional check to improve accuracy of hitscan out-of-capsule headshots in certain edge cases.
    • Best target check traces to top of capsule rather than eyeheight, so don't fail on character with partially visible head.

Armor System

  • New Armor System.
  • Small armor replaces thighpads, gives 50 armor, medium armor replaces chest, gives 100, shieldbelt is still 150.
  • Regular armor pickups stack up to max 100.
  • Armor has 100% absorption from 150 to 100, 50% absorption below 100.
  • Full shieldbelt effect on players with >100 armor. Less bright armor overlay for players with 51-100 armor.
  • Armor hit effects at all armor levels.
  • Players start with 25 armor.
  • Fixed issues with showing armor hits in standalone.
  • Tweaked rules for whether to display armor hit or blood.


  • New horizontal Weapon Bar (currently default, can switch back to vertical).
  • New Armor/Health widget, currently default instead of mini-HUD.
  • Adjusted HUD scale and opacity defaults.
  • Made weapon crosshairs more visible.
  • No more paperdoll on HUD since no longer need that information with new armor system.
  • Mini-HUD indicator tweaks and polish.
  • Improved chat message formatting and display.
  • Changed screen edge hit effect to be done through a hud material instance instead of through post process blendables.
  • Show "in combat" icon over team beacon for teammates in combat.
  • Don't team color sniper zoom overlay, so screen damage effects are still visible.
  • No jumpboot message if jump to slide.
  • Force HUD displayed binding update when change control settings.
  • Added packets/sec to net stats.

Effects and Lighting

  • r.blendables now 1 at low settings to fix overly dark lighting on low end.
  • New Redeemer explosion effect.
  • New link gun beam effect.
  • bLowPrioritylLight for stinger shard.
  • Put in a basic explosion effect for the bio launcher.
  • Fixed rocket launcher damage not causing rim shader damage effect.
  • Made rocket fire trail on damaged players larger and more visible.
  • Grenade trail tweaks for visibility.
  • Rockets and grenades have team colored emissives.
  • Added rocket smoke trail.
  • New Explosion fx for the rocket launcher.
  • Fixed shock ball particles not displaying if they weren't in view when fired.
  • Fixed 1p invisibilty shader.
  • Improved flak cannon muzzle flash light.
  • Improved enforcer muzzle flash light.
  • Shock rifle muzzle flash light.
  • Sniper muzzle flash light.
  • Fixed muzzle flashes that weren't retriggering correctly on repeat fire.
  • Sniper tracer in first person comes from bottom center of screen when zoomed (same spot as hidden weapon).
  • Fixed link gun beam disappearing at certain angles with hidden weapons on.
  • Fixed weapon effects snapping around when going up/down slopes with hidden weapons.
  • Fixed 3p translocator team coloring.


  • Moved kill messages up and pick up messages down on HUD.
  • Remove text display of interrupted announcements.
  • Show combined names of multi-killed victims on "You killed" message.
  • Support for UMG widgets associated with announcements.
  • CTF game and reward messages have white base color.
  • Support for not playing certain announcements during intermissions.
  • Fixed announcing spectator as DM winner if all player scores are negative.
  • Reduced emphasis text scaling
  • Show instigator on denied and rejected messages, and increased their priority.
  • Adjusted announcement volumes.
  • Fixed multiple denied announcements if continue shooting downed redeemer.
  • Cancel "redeemer launched" announcement in all cases whenit explodes.
  • Fixed erroneous "air snot" rewards in kill feed.
  • Fixed showing the flag scoring message with the name of the player that scored.
  • Scale down long announcement text.
  • Weapon reward message text back on for short duration.

Mod Support

  • Added a Blueprint callable SendFriendRequest function to LocalPlayer.
  • Added 2 Blueprint native events to UTScoreboard so that blueprint based scoreboards can control the context menu.
  • Added blueprint metadata for TotalChallengeStars, GetPrevXP(), CanAwardOnlineXP(), ClampXP(), bIsFriend.
  • Added ability for inventory classes to prevent pickup or handle being given to a character without spawning an instance (HandleGivenTo() and AllowPickupBy()), so we no longer need to make custom pickup classes like UTPickupHealth.
  • Added AUTGameMode and AUTMutator implementations of TriggerBoost(), to allow easy overriding of triggered boost functionality.
  • Added ActivateSpecial that takes the place of StartActivatePowerup and ToggleTranslocator.

Warm up

  • Ready players can now enter warm up mode before the match starts.
  • Wait longer to start match if not full now that we have warm up.
  • Added "on deck" message for players that are warming when match is starting.
  • Added message about players needed to start to warm up hud.


  • Fixed countdown showing negative numbers when searching for a quickmatch.
  • Fixed client crash when attempting to quickplay.
  • Fixed Users attempting to quickplay can be returned to the main menu because match filled while they were joining.
  • Restored the trust level check to quickmatch
  • Fixed a bug where quickmatch could sometimes get into an endless loop if it couldn't find a server
  • Adjusted quickmatch bot skill levels: Up to Green 5 is skill 1 , Up to Green 7 is skill 2, Up to Green 9 is skill 3. Bronze 1 is skill 1, then bot skill level goes up by 1 every two player level increases.


  • Fixed wrong message appearing when trying to join a launching HUB instance.
  • Fixed The "Auto Rank Locked Enabled" message is not presented when creating a custom match.
  • Fixed Hub crash.


  • Don't display "both teams get a point" message in Duel Showdown if the round was negated due to neither player doing anything.
  • Fixed showdown deaths resulting in -100 points.
  • Fixed crash when player leaves during Showdown spawn selection while it's their turn to pick.
  • Players that join during Showdown spawn selection are no longer part of that round (it's considered to have started already).
  • Don't switch from spawn selection to scoreboard during showdown intermissions.


  • Play sound when get close enough to wall to dodge from it.
  • Play wall slide sound when sliding along wall while falling.
  • Added low ammo sounds to bio rifle, bio launcher, link gun, and stinger.
  • Sound volume changes based on feedback from MaxCarnage.
  • New flak cannon sounds.
  • New rocket in flight sound.
  • Adjusted bullet whip volumes
  • Fixed stinger shard impact sounds.
  • Bio Launcher new primary fire sound.
  • Added new primary and secondary fire sounds for enforcer.
  • Added Shock rifle primary and secondary reload sounds. Secondary fire has a subtle audio indicator for when the primary can be fired again.


  • Show minimap before match starts.
  • Added system for flashing pickups on the minimap. Redeemer flashes when can be picked up.
  • Link player names on scoreboard to player minimap icons.
  • Don't force scoreboard up on death if mode offers respawn choices (duel).
  • Scoreboard positioning adjustments to fit better with esc menu.
  • Removed footer unless showing game message.
  • Added the ability to mute/unmute chat for a given player.
  • Team color skulls on minimap.
  • Scale name width in team stats to avoid overlap.
  • Fixed scoreboard player name scaling for long names.
  • Spectators can never vote to kick/ban.


  • The chat box maintains focus between all of the UI switches in game.
  • New Weapon configuration menu.
  • Improved custom weapon settings support.
  • New Weapon Bar options menu.
  • Removed obsolete minimap scaling option.
  • Added epic account name to playercard.
  • Added UI sliders for in game music volume and stinger volume.
  • Fixed movie player threading crashes.
  • Removed incorrect information about mercy rules in various default game rule sets.
  • Fixed XP display when next level is 50.
  • Fixed Sent Messages do not appear in Hub When Sending Whisper Chats.
  • Fixed Whisper messages add final letter of sender's username to message line in the hub chat history.
  • Fixed Whisper messages sent from other client appear with your name in the hub chat history.
  • Added Disable Double Tap Dodge option.
  • Added a dialog for out of date clients.
  • Removed change player name dialog on start up.
  • Fixed Player does not get logged out after logging in on another client.


  • Improved pathfinding fallback when off the navmesh.
  • Fixed bots using jump pads with no 2D velocity (i.e. DM-Lea).
  • Improved balancing of bots' skill between teams.
  • Bot tactical move action aborts during recover phase if the bot runs into a ledge.
  • Made bots understand rising lava in CTF-Volcano.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed various issues with hidden weapons.
  • Default end game camera to a rotation that doesn't clip into the winner.
  • Turned off parallel physics blending because it doesn't work in some cases and prevents physics from being blended in at all.
  • Fixed link gun 1p beam when spectating.
  • Fixed ragdolled players not being placed around flag at intermissions.
  • Fixed slide sometimes displaying in the floor in replays.
  • Test that point on capsule in direction of shot has LineOfSight, rather than just unobstructed shot direction, for determining player target. Keeps hidden enemies from getting pinged.
  • Fixed incorrect timer display for fixed interval pickups on clients after a round reset.
  • Bouncing projectiles that are encroached by lifts moving upwards will now bounce properly if there is room to do so.
  • Flag is now properly captured if it is picked up while simultaneously touching the capture point.
  • Continued iteration on prototype FlagRun game mode.

Custom Content Support

  • Fixed Custom Content Download Prompt not occurring for dedicated servers.
  • Fixed Custom Content Warning message does not appear when Map Vote transitions to a CC Map.
  • Fixed Custom Content Warning message will appear even if you already have all the content.

Badges and Match Rank Locking

  • Adjusted ELO bounds for Green and Bronze Rank levels.
  • New quick match/locked match acceptance rules:
    • Green 1 and 2 players only join Green 1 and 2 matches, and only Green 1 and 2 players can join those matches.
    • Bronze 8 and up players can join all Bronze 8 and up matches.
    • Silver and Gold players can never join Bronze 7 and below matches.
    • Green 3-9 players can join Green matches with up to 2 levels of difference (Green 5 can join Green 3 to Green 7).
    • Green 3-9 players can join Bronze matches up to 2 levels below and 1 level above (Green 5 can join Bronze 3 to Bronze 6).
    • Bronze players can join Bronze matches with up to 2 levels of difference.

Profile and Key Bindings Refactor

  • Added a non-authoritative local profile that holds a copy of your online profile.
  • Improved reset functionality.
  • Removed all the HUD/Weapon points of failure where we had to have data in multiple places.
  • Work in progress toward accessing the profile in blueprints. Currently leaving it at ReadOnly access.
  • New Key Config system.
  • Profile is 100% authoritative.
  • Keys are defined in the profile, not the ini.
  • Added a better way to clear out key binds and abort the setting of keybinds.
  • Removed the ability to have multiple binds to the same key.
  • Removed all unneeded binding from the Defaultinput.ini as they are all controlled by the profile now.
  • Bumped settings versions.
  • Added gamepad commands to the key config structures.
  • Made VersionFixup return a bool that is used to force saving of a fixed up profile.

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