Version Notes 2017 01 18

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 1/23/2017

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.15.
  • FlagRun available for quickmatch, ready for wider feedback.
  • LAN servers can be started from client UI again.
  • Lightning Rifle and Grenade Launcher prototypes updated.
  • Lots of AI improvements.
  • Improved new user flow and training.
  • Main menu update.
  • Community map updates.
  • Quickmatch uses scaleable instance system, no longer tied to hubs.

Flag Run

  • FlagRun available for quickmatch, ready for wider feedback
  • FlagRun training video and tutorial in Basic Training.


  • Community maps Batrankus, Backspace, Polaris, Salt, and Unsaved updated by authors.
  • CTF-Quick
    • Misc. fixes
  • Removed DM-Temple from standard FFA map list.


  • Hitscan not blocked by teammates or weapon shields that don't block projectiles.
  • Projectiles affect corpses without blowing up on them client side.
  • Don't allow throwing weapons with no ammo.
  • Lightning Rifle prototype added.
  • Grenade Launcher prototype
    • Sticky grenades detonate when you drop the weapon.
    • Grenade launcher primary fire is blocked when sticky is out.
    • Fixed hitting your own sticky grenade in deathmatch.
    • Sticky grenades attach to lifts.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Fixed issues with rocket launcher locking.
    • Increased spread of rockets in tight formation by 33%.
    • Increased rocket lock acquire time from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds.
    • Lock icon turns red when locked on, not yellow.
    • Locked rockets fire in wider spread pattern.
    • Seeking rockets only lead targets when within 20 meters of them.
    • Target gets HUD indicator on seeking rocket when it is within 38 meters.
    • Fixed rocket launcher getting stuck out of ammo when running out during alt-fire while fire button is being spammed.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Flak shards are faster (5500 -> 6500).
    • More shard damage after bounce (scale by 0.6 rather than 0.5).
    • No imparted momentum from shards once they bounce or have gravity after travelling a bit.
    • Fixed cases where flak was not gibbing victims when it should.
  • Link Gun
    • Reduced link pull warm up time from 0.25 to 0.15 sec (how long you have to hold the beam on the target).
    • Link pull is only activated on alt fire release, not on primary fire press/release.
    • Increased link gun default ammo 60->80, increased link ammo pickup 35->40.
  • Redeemer
    • Fixed attaching redeemer to player's back if they pick it up without switching to it.
    • Pushed explosion center of rejected redeemer up from ground.
    • Minimum 200 damage from redeemer within collision free radius.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Sniper min zoom now 50 FOV.
    • Don't draw headshot circle on sliding players when zoomed.

HUD and Scoreboard

  • Damage numbers on HUD.
  • Adjusted game message positions.
  • Game message widget smaller, doesn't fill entire bottom of screen.
  • Removed obsolete server panel in scoreboard.
  • Only allow HUD scaling to go up to 150%.
  • No option to toggle off minimap during pre game.
  • Made "Other player is on a killing spree" font size smaller.
  • Fixed spectator kill message text.
  • Improved pickup icon rendering on minimap.
  • Added the ability to report bad behavior from the interactive scoreboard.


  • Made getting out of water easier.
  • Don't bump out of slide when shot by teammates.
  • Normalized ragdoll impulses based on mesh mass.
  • Fixed crouch while running engages slide unless "Slide From Crouch" is unchecked.
  • Changed default binds for dodge button to Left Shift and V.
  • Changed default bind for slide to ThumbMouseButton.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • No more instance lobbies in hub - players go right into the instance, can wait there and warm up.
  • Parties joini hub instances on the same team.
  • Fixed client crash when pressing OK in the Player Settings while in a Hub Lobby.
  • Fixed using the admin menu on hubs.
  • Moved where an instance sets its server name so the session picks up map changes.
  • Added F5 as a hotkey to the server browser for refresh.
  • In hub games, insure the min # of players will always be filled with bots if needed.
  • Forced hub chat scrollpanel to scroll to the bottom
  • Wipe SessionID when returning to main menu to fix bugs where joining a party will send you to an old game the leader is no longer in.
  • Fixed crash with parties when playing offline.
  • Changed how rank lock is turned on and how the player is notified.
  • Fixed Instance badges are not updating and the slots occupied by players who leave are considered taken.

Effects and Rendering

  • Clear visual offset when projectiles bounce or stick.
  • Added radius indicator to rocket explosion (high detail only).
  • Added radius indicator to grenade explosion (high detail only).
  • Removed satellite shards from flak.
  • Optimized link gun effect materials.
  • Fixed shield belt pickup's default visual state.
  • Tweak to improve enforcer muzzle flash when rotated.
  • Added failsafe to make sure weapon overlay particles get destroyed when they're done.

Death Cam

  • Don't zoom deathcam if focus not visible.
  • Fixed case where death cam would not focus on out of view killer.
  • Replicate shooter rotation when shot was fired for death cam.
  • Fixed deathcam bouncing back and forth.


  • Reduced how much level music is ducked for announcements and stingers.
  • Extended the radius of ricochet sound from sniper rifle.
  • Extended the radius of Enforcer ricochet sound around the player.
  • New Shock Rifle combo explosion sound.
  • New set of Generic Footstep sounds.
  • Added reload sounds to grenade launcher.
  • Play menu music while in hub.
  • New Link Gun firing sounds.
  • Lowered pitch and slightly raised volume of own footstep sounds.
  • New Rocket flight sounds
  • Moved center of rocket projectile flight sound forward so it's heard slightly earlier by potential targets.
  • Reduced audible radius of occluded footsteps.
  • Reduced volume of link gun FP firing sound and link proj flight audio volume.
  • Adjusted stinger sound mix with weapons and music.
  • Fix for audio pause state not clearing between source lifetimes, which sometimes caused sound to break when quitting mid tutorial or offline match.
  • Delay bullet whips slightly to separate from firing sounds.
  • Cleaned up sniper rifle impact sound.
  • Added flight sound to minigun alt projectile.

Mod Support

  • Added OnHitScanDamage() blueprint event, called when weapon causes hit scan damage so blueprint can handle effects.
  • Line Trace For World Blocking Only blueprint node.
  • Check the MD5 of downloaded content to see if corrupted data was received.
  • Make sure Corsair rgb usage is turned off if player disables keyboard lighting.
  • New Razer chroma sdk support.


  • Updated to Unreal Engine 4.15.
  • Framerate cap defaults to 120 even with 60 hz monitors. Improves game feel.
  • LAN server support enabled for clients again.
  • Fix for blueprint classes not loading config properly in cooked builds.

Bots and AI

  • Fixed bots getting briefly stuck on some types of pickups.
  • Bots always lead flag carrier even at low difficulty, unless it's a human.
  • Low difficulty flag carriers can get temporarily distracted by nearby visible enemies.
  • Fixed low skill bots turning away from target while loading rockets.
  • Added some dodge logic when attacked with rapid fire instant hit weapons.
  • Fixed jump pads generating paths to points requiring so much air control against the jump direction that it would be faster to walk.
  • Fixed bots crouching in some cases where they should jump.
  • Fixed bot that successfully capped the flag not going on a proper route afterwards for the next attempt.
  • Decreased bot enemy acquisition error when enemy has been detected prior to being selected as primary target.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in line of sight checks.
  • Reduced likelihood of low skill bots using multiple loaded rockets.
  • Fixed normal capability jump paths being generated up unwalkable slopes of certain angles.
  • Improved navmesh poly generation around jump pads.
  • Fix for edge case where bots wouldn't adjust around teammates.
  • Optimized path node generation.
  • Added path support for larger units (up to 2x normal size) - requires path rebuild.
  • Fixed bots incorrectly wall dodging during certain lift jumps when in combat but not under sufficient threat to abort lift jump.
  • Added a failsafe to get bots off paths that they think are valid but appear to be stuck on.
  • Improved bot AI using bio rifle.
  • Reduced bot taunting.

Warm up

  • Don't score damage during warm up.
  • Fixed not getting spawn choice at start of Duel if warmed up before.
  • Fixed remote redeemer ignoring client's request to explode during warmup.


  • New users drop right into basic training.
  • New tutorial movies.
  • New FlagRun and Showdown tutorials.
  • Bug fixes and polish for various tutorials.
  • Improved tutorial flow.
  • Toasts for various unlocks during training.
  • Fixed not all tutorial announcements being precached.
  • Training matches use default victory conditions.
  • Adjusted tutorial difficulty settings.
  • Stagger weapon tutorial bots spawning to reduce hitching when entering weapon rooms.
  • Fixed the progression table to look for the new coin tags.
  • Fixed not being able to use taunts during training.


  • Fixed guided redeemer fuel gauge in net play.
  • Fixed rocket lock display issues in multiplayer.
  • Make sure updates to ReplicateRemainingTime happen immediately to keep clients synched.
  • Fixed UTPlayerController LineOfSightTo() implementation on servers which may not have viewtarget set properly. Fixes replication issues.
  • Fixed link pull beam effect not working correctly on other clients.
  • Fixed armor overlay for other players when join in progress.


  • Quickmatch uses scaleable instance system, no longer tied to hubs.
  • Fixed quickmatch and ranked match modes having different goalscore and timelimits from default Epic rules.
  • Reconnecting after an matchmaking attempt will now use the matching reconnect code not the normal code.


  • Cleaned up, simplified main menu.
  • Create game dialog has been adjusted and made more clear.
  • Main menu pop up when need to update to new build.
  • Main menu pop up when new build is first opened, with build notes.
  • New loading movies.
  • Fixes for movie player loading screen race conditions.
  • Fixed Map description is cut off in the custom game screen.
  • Fixed friends list staying open if player logs out.
  • Cleaned up some styles and tab functionality.
  • Fixed UI erroneously claiming challenges are locked.
  • Added the ability to disable the default UT logo and message in movies.
  • Fixed the admin menu crash.
  • Fixed the map vote count down getting stopped during match transition.
  • Fixed error message when logging in with incorrect credentials.
  • Added stacking to the toasts system.
  • Properly clean up toast notifications for invites after you accept it.
  • Made the play offline button in the login dialog look more like a button.
  • Fixed a rare crash with UTHUDWidgetMessage.
  • Added code to insure toasts get cleaned up on level change.
  • Fix hat not going away in offline match if you take it off in player settings.
  • Only show ranked match buttons when training has been finished.
  • Fix taunt not clearing when leaving player settings in single player.
  • Updated stats html from Lynx, new colors in pie charts, text fixes in game mode names.
  • Added a new UMG parent class UTUMGWidget. All UT UMG should use this as their parent.
  • Slate loading thread uses the render thread font cache instead of game thread font cache.

Misc. Gameplay

  • New Mutator LeapFrag
    • Replaces jump with leap in movement direction.
    • Hitting other players can damage and kill them.
  • Added "Add Impact Hammer" mutator (for game modes that don’t default with Impact Hammer).
  • Ghost, fly, and walk cheats work in standalone games in shipping builds now.
  • Increased ammo pickup collision size from 50 to 60.
  • Added option for pickups to only spawn once per round.
  • Don't drop enforcer on death in team safe volumes.
  • Fixed turning off coin collision for non-tutorial games.
  • Fixed being able to fire weapons during intermissions.
  • Unlocked FOV range in standalone games using FOV console command.
  • Don't try to balance number of humans on each team.
  • Don't prevent players from imbalancing before match starts, unless it is a quickmatch.
  • Possible fix for very rare case of flag getting temporarily stuck hovering when carrier is gibbed.
  • Check for deferred fire inputs when taunt ends.
  • Flush pressed keys when going to spectator, trying to fix some key release issues in showdown.


  • Added Sniper headshot kills into total sniper kills on stats viewer page.
  • Added Sniper headshot deaths into total sniper deaths on stats viewer page.

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