Version Notes 2017 02 22

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 2/22/2017

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Significant updates to FlagRun game mode and FlagRun levels.
  • Players don't collide with teammates except if both trying to stop in same location.
  • Turned off sprinting.
  • Now always use real Epic account names. Added option for user specified clan name prefix on scoreboard.
  • Improved interactive scoreboard, now enabled when join before match starts.
  • Improvements to QuickMatch and Ranked Match flow.
  • Functionality and balance updates to Lightning Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and other weapons.
  • Instagib changes requested by the community.
  • Track kill assists in all team game modes.
  • Default max players for DM now 8.
  • Maxplayers 10 for standard CTF ruleset.


  • FR-Fort
    • Unified version with door at main entrance (FR-Fort_Door is gone).
    • Layout changes.
    • Removed defensive spawn room teleporters.
    • Fixed incoming alarm firing when rubbing up against the closed door.
    • Replaced Sniper with LG as default pickup.
  • FR-Loh
    • Significant layout changes.
    • Fixed line up positions.
    • Added weapon shields for attacker spawns.
    • Replaced Sniper with LG as default pickup.
  • FR-Meltdown
    • Layout updates.
    • Adjustments to redeemer volumes.
    • Adjustments to jump pad ledge in tunnel to mitigate player snagging.
    • Replaced Sniper with LG as default pickup.
  • DM-Chill
    • Removed lower playerstart near stinger/armor.
    • Misc fixes.
    • Fixed lighting issues present in the Redeemer room.
  • DM-Underland
    • Fixed LOD issue with the Douglas Fir asset.
  • CTF-Lance removed from build.


  • Projectiles
    • All projectiles ignore client side hits on corpses and gibs.
    • Same team projectiles don't interact with each other ,except friendly Shockballs destroy each other to avoid getting stuck.
    • Projectiles that shouldn't collide with teammates work properly when the shooter dies while in flight.
  • Lightning Rifle
    • Increased base beam damage 35-> 45.
    • Increased fully charged body shot damage 80->85.
    • Reduced charge up time to 0.8 sec.
    • Fixed getting headshot blocked by armor notifications for low damage lightning gun headshots.
    • Removed knockback bug on primary.
    • Charged lightning rifle shots use 2 ammo.
    • Chain lightning only off hits to players.
    • Added Lightning Rifle stats.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Multi rocket alt-fire has trident spread.
    • Reduced delay between firing loaded rockets.
    • Reduce seek lock time for RL from 0.6->0.5 sec.
    • Increased distance that lock indicator shows up for targets from 3800 to 5000 units.
    • Now have minimum seek distance below which rockets stop seeking, to make it easier for target to avoid them.
  • Link Gun
    • Link gun only links to live players for link pulling.
    • Link pull does 25 damage, lasts 0.3 seconds instead of 0.4.
    • Fixed link beam not damaging if fire again immediately after starting pull.
    • Link beam and link primary can now destroy bio goo.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Fixed sticky grenades blowing up on enemy impact.
    • Alt Grenade explode time once armed is now 5 seconds.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Slight delay before start zooming in zoom mode so can consistently get min zoom.
    • Can now headshot sliding players.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Flak damage adjustments: shard 14->13.
    • Flak shell direct hit damage 109->103.
  • Enforcer
    • Enforcer reload support: reloads a new clip if out of ammo.
    • Updated enforcer materials to support weapon skins.


  • Players don't collide with teammates except if both trying to stop in same location.
  • Turned off sprinting.

In Game Menu and Interactive Scoreboard

  • Start with in game menu active on join.
  • Streamlined ready up system. Warm up now implies ready.
  • Minimap now interactive (mouse over) if in game menu is up.
  • Adjusted chat bar position on in game menu.
  • Adjusted scoreboard header to fit without overlap when in game menu is displayed.
  • Show player options menu when mouseover on interactive scoreboard.
  • Pressing the console key in the chatbox will bring up the console.
  • Fade the level music back up when the menu is active.
  • Removed mute, kick, and send friend request from scoreboard dropdown options for bots.
  • Fixed including bots in kick vote counts.
  • Removed switch team before match on alt-fire.
  • Can change teams while in warm up.
  • In a team game, don't show the mute state of opposing players when the game is in progress because they are force muted by the server.
  • Added ELO and XP badges to pre-match line up.


  • Can no longer change the angle of the quickstats hud.
  • Fixed cases where win conditions were not shown on HUD.
  • Fixed impact hammer reticle being off-center by 6px.
  • HUD/scoreboard color tweaks.
  • Fixed persistent killfeed during Showdown warm up.
  • Health number on HUD stays red when low.

Scoreboard and Minimap

  • Now always use real epic account names. Added option for user specified clan name prefix on scoreboard.
  • Fixed issues with scoreboard title panel text overlap.
  • Fixed drawing score messages on non-FlagRun scoreboards.
  • Improved showing own position on minimap.
  • Improved minimap scaling on scoreboard by scaling map to fit better.
  • Fixed defender base not showing in FlagRun minimap.
  • Fixed Scoreboard showing incorrect country flag when the player set a new flag before a match.


  • Reduced default spacing between announcements.
  • Match is starting announcement plays.
  • Fixed issues with announcements interrupting displayed announcement text.
  • Added yoink reward message for link pull.


  • No longer have controls menu bindings for show buy menu, keyboard turn left, and turn right.
  • Made some control bindings optional so players aren’t required to update them before leaving controls menu.
  • Got rid of obsolete hold dodge modifier functionality,


  • Adjustments to how rules are set up to make them easier for hub admins.
  • Adjusted min player counts for default rulesets.
  • Fixed server password prompt not appearing when attempting to enter a password protected server.
  • Non-party leaders shouldn't be able to start hub matches.
  • Added checks so if a ruleset is added but has no maps, it will be rejected (with a warning in the logs).
  • Don't prefill hub matches with bots, only add bots when match starts if not enough players.
  • Kill instances filled with idlers at end of match.
  • Default max players for DM now 8.
  • Maxplayers 10 for standard CTF ruleset.
  • Hub matches are not rank locked by default.
  • Fixed text should be "Rank Locked" not "Ranked" in hub match description.
  • Custom game no longer right justified on create a match main panel.
  • No default goalscore for custom TDM.

Effects and Rendering

  • New first and third person armor pick up effects.
  • New first and third person health pick up effects.
  • Added geometry overlap sphere for improved depth perception of own shockballs in medium and high detail modes.
  • New Rally Point effects.
  • Reduced number of ribbon sections created by jump boots trail system.
  • Updated Link Beam 3rd person to use updated effect (no more dramatically curving beam in 3rd person).
  • Turned off shadow casting on weapon sigils and wall torches.
  • 16x16 tile in reflection environment for perf gain on high end pc.
  • Tightened up requirements for some effects spawning for perf optimization.

Damage Numbers

  • Damage numbers now show damage dealt, not modified by health left.
  • No damage numbers for targets shot in a safe zone.
  • Outline damage numbers.
  • Damage number display time proportional to amount of damage.
  • Slower alpha out for damage numbers.
  • Adjusted red hue of damage numbers.
  • Color damage numbers gold if damaging armor.
  • Include UDamage multiplier in reported damage numbers on HUD.


  • Adjusted footstep volume.
  • New link primary fire sounds.
  • Removed udamage pick up ambient sound (the sound when it is on the ground, not the sound when held by a player).
  • Increased redeemer explosion sound range.
  • New Lightning gun sound effects.
  • Halved volume of CTF scoreboard score update sound.
  • Fixed some rally point sound effects not playing from dedicated servers.
  • Don't play rally broken sound un-attenuated for all defenders.

Editor and Mod Support

  • Added blueprint callable function EnableWeaponSwitching(). Call after calling DissallowWeaponFiring(true) to re-enable weapon switching without enabling weapon firing. Requested functionality for Elimination mod.
  • Added a gamestate notification when async loading is complete.
  • Added the ability for gamemodes to specify assets to always load instead of async loading them.
  • Hold references to objects async loaded to avoid thrashing in network games
  • Initial camera placement property on UTWorldSettings allows LDs to specify a good camera location for camera before connection process is complete.
  • PIE implies ?dev=1


  • Increased min time to power up rally point to at least 1 second after FC steps off and back on.
  • Defender short respawn delay now lasts until 2:30 left in the FlagRun round, down from 3:00.
  • Attackers always take 5 seconds to respawn unless quick spawn to take advantage of ending rally.
  • Players don't auto-call for rallies after dying until 45 seconds into the round.
  • No longer have rally cooldown. Attackers are able to rally once every time a rally point is powered up.
  • Added failsafe for zeroed gradual flag return positions.
  • Make sure to never go to free cam when out of lives.
  • Increased time can keep flag carrier pinged by maintaining visual on him after targeting him.
  • Added support for pending rally points so current rally point isn't cleared if powered when new rally point starts charging.
  • Fixed rally charging notification if flag gets picked up on rally point.
  • Kick idlers at the end of flag run rounds.

FlagRun Announcements

  • Fixed clearing rally message when rally ends.
  • Updated door announcements.
  • Added successful FlagRun defense reward announcements.
  • Added Ace reward for killing all 5 enemy team members in FlagRun (all dead at once).
  • Changed "Enemy Rally!" to "Enemy Rally Activated!"
  • Updated player callouts for FlagRun.
  • Defenders get directional incoming lines for enemy flag carrier entering base (incoming left, incoming low, etc.).
  • Different message for defender standing on unpowered rally point.
  • Make sure rally ended message interrupts "Press E to rally".
  • For players that join FlagRun match in progress, announce whether attacking or defending.

FlagRun HUD

  • Don't draw erroneous round/role info on FlagRun HUD during warm up.
  • Show round number and role on FlagRun HUD.
  • Show round number in FlagRun score message.
  • Show rallypoint thermometer whenever there is still some charge.
  • Different thermometer color for RallyPoint when charge is depleting because flag carrier not touching it.

FlagRun Intermission

  • Kill rally cam if at intermission.
  • Don't try to play end of round instant replay for recently joined player.
  • Fixed hard to kill highlight detail
  • Group Taunt prompt shows up for top defender after a defense round win.
  • Focus on last killer after annihilation or successful defense round.
  • Show replay after annihilations or successful defense.
  • Fixed own mesh anim pose getting set to standing at end of round.
  • Freeze particle effects for intermission shot.
  • Fixed timer messages playing during instant replays.


  • VR plugins disabled again because of issues with SteamVR auto launching and using resources.
  • Hack to workaround bShouldCaptureMouseOnActivate being stuck on true under certain alt+tab timings.
  • Fixed perf slow down trying to draw player name with special characters in it.
  • Fixed Mac issues with viewport sizing and mouse capture.

Bots and AI

  • Fixed an issue with building paths near doors and jump pads that caused the AI to think they are smaller than they are.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck on Enforcer burst fire mode.
  • Bots inside spawn protection volume with visible enemy stay there and shoot spawn campers.
  • Bots targeting spawn protected enemies back off until the enemy exits the spawn protection volume.
  • Added 'viewbot' cheat - cycles through bots.
  • Fixed AI attempting to use paths that require jumping but through which it cannot fit without crouching.
  • Check for large pawn sizes when building jump and swim paths.
  • Possible fix for bot rarely getting stuck on jump pad when hunting enemy.
  • Fixed bots on defense grouping up too close together during initial assault on some maps in FlagRun.
  • Added defense points to FR-Heist and rebuilt paths.
  • AI using jump boots reassess their landing point for air control.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bots intercepting enemy flag carriers to guard too far ahead of the FC's predicted path, often resulting in them camping the flag base way too early.
  • Fixed team doors not generating correctly sized paths in some cases.
  • Give humans priority over bots when both are touching flag simultaneously.

Quickmatch and Ranked Match

  • Made QM search wider for other players.
  • Fixed quickmatch not being joinable on party join.
  • Auto bot skill adjust support in quickmatch.
  • 5 minute time limit for ranked duel. Lose faster, win faster, grind faster.
  • If you cancel out of a quickmatch, return to the main menu.
  • Take away ranked session countdown until all players are in, clear InactivePlayerArray to avoid giving early quitters penalties.
  • Award a ranked win if other player quits a duel.
  • Added DM-Lea to Duel map rotation and ranked playlist.
  • Added Polaris to Quickmatch CTF list.
  • Added Underland, Outpost23, Unsaved, Backspace, Salt, and Batrankus to Quickmatch DM list.
  • Automatic region detection for matchmaking. Only NA and EU valid at this time.
  • New match start up system unified for hubs and quickmatch. Wait for desired player count to join up to 8 minutes, then start filling in with bots.
  • Custom matches number of combatants option specifies max players and how many human players to wait for before starting.
  • Fixed turning off bots and no longer use map optimal counts to set bot fill

Basic Training

  • New CTF tutorial video.
  • Adjusted bot counts in gamemode training matches.
  • Store the tutorial mask in both the progression file and profile (for offline play)
  • Added code to look at the coins collected and if the player has collected all coins assume the tutorial is unlocked.
  • increased Stinger room size in Weapon Training a little bit.
  • Fixed tutorial progression not working for players who had already played through training.
  • Fixed no achievement appearing after completing Movement and Pickup tutorials.
  • Added a reward teaser to the basic training menu.
  • Auto bot skill adjust support in training matches.
  • Achievement toasts for completing FlagRun and Showdown training.
  • Only require movement tutorial completion to show single player on front page.
  • Removed collision from the signs in the Tutorial maps.
  • Added training room for the Grenade Launcher.
  • Adjustments to weapon bases and entrances to be more visually understandable.
  • Increased the height of the port-holes in Flak Room.
  • Added "shoot from here" markers on the ground of the Shock Rifle room.
  • Adjusted tutorial audio voice over levels.
  • Improved Jump Boots room in the pick ups training.


  • Removed cosmetics and taunts from login url, replicate to server using RPC.
  • Line-ups use replicated properties instead of RPC for setting the clients, to make joining during a line-up more reliable.

Player Card

  • Now have externally generated player card with information presented as web page.
  • This will allow players to eventually view player cards outside the game.
  • Character model/etc are pulled from the player's profile if they aren't in the same server space.
  • Player cards can now be viewed in the hub even if the viewed player is in an instance.
  • Fix for Player Card not displaying seasonal stats in hubs.


  • Reduced size of top menu bar.
  • Changed NA and EU to North America and Europe in the menus.
  • Changed "offline" to "single player" in menus.
  • Added information about rewards earned in challenge match description.
  • Made the single player challenges highlight when hovered/selected.
  • Fixed maximize button.
  • Made the panel for friends full screen so it can close properly.
  • Fixed the alignment of the youtube login box.
  • Removed fragcenter from menus until we can redesign it.
  • Added a way for games to restrict the context menu on Chromium plugs in since in fullscreen the window switch will cause a minimize.
  • Force quit player settings when matchmaking dialog comes up so that world travel won't break rendering.
  • Make message prompt appear when player selects "Find a Match" while logged out.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Track kill assists in all team game modes.
  • Continued iteration on Flag Invasion PVE mode.
  • Fixed changing duel spawns at start of match after they had already been rendered on the client.
  • Limit how often momentum is applied to dead bodies, to address projectiles passing through a ragdoll body.
  • Fix team balance to pick team with most bots if prematch join
  • Actors destroyed by server as part of startup now properly propagate into client side demo recording/replays


  • No spawn protection.
  • Respawn delay only 1 second.
  • Modified spawn selection algorithm.
  • Reduced volume of instagib fire sound and fixed its attenuation settings.


  • Display warning dialog if party leaving was due to matchmaking failure.
  • Close the matchmaking dialog if player leaves the party during a search.
  • Try to put players on same team as their party when JIP or balancing.
  • When a non-leader manually exits an instance, remove them from any parties they are in.

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