Version Notes 2017 03 28

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 3/28/2017

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Coop vs AI FlagRun available via QuickMatch or hubs.
  • Weapon animation overhaul.
  • Movement updates to wall running, acceleration, and dodge landing.
  • Weapon balance changes, particularly to Flak Cannon.
  • New Siege PVE prototype game mode available as hub ruleset.
  • New and updated Single Player Challenges.
  • Significant improvements to hitscan registration in network games.
  • Improvements to FlagRun game mode and significant updates to FR-Fort and FR-Loh.
  • Improvements to warm up and waiting for matches.
  • Simple UI for joining LAN games.


  • FR-Fort
    • Visual pass in progress
    • Attacker base layout updated
  • FR-Loh
    • Significant layout changes
  • FR-Meltdown
    • Layout updates.
    • Adjustments to redeemer volumes.
    • Adjustments to jump pad ledge in tunnel to mitigate player snagging.
    • Replaced Sniper with LG as default pickup.
  • Chill
    • Visual updates for performance and visual clarity
  • Outpost 23
    • Adjusted exterior post process.


  • Fixed early put downs of out of ammo weapons.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Primary fire re-balance - faster firing rate (every 0.75 seconds), significantly lower max damage (100).
    • Increased flak ammo to compensate for lower damage.
  • Lightning Rifle
    • Prototype blueprint converted to C++.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Adjusted rocket seeking.
    • Play low ammo sound when alt loading rockets and running out.
  • Enforcer
    • Added support for differently scaling vertical and horizontal components of firing spread. Enforcer spread is now mostly vertical.
  • Bio Rifle
    • Fixed bio shot collision offset from mesh if shot point blank.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Fixed attaching sticky grenades to lifts.


  • Can wall run farther on vertical walls.
  • Adjusted how we prevent wall dodgers from air controlling back to the same wall.
  • Reduced player acceleration post initial fast acceleration from 4000->3200.
  • No longer almost stop player on dodge landing.
  • Reduced acceleration right after dodge landing.
  • Lowered default mouse sensitivity to 5. UI uses same sensitivity scale (multiplied by 10) as game.
  • Adjusted mouse acceleration endpoints.

In Game Menu and Interactive Scoreboard

  • Moved the “Start Match” and “Change Teams” buttons to the bottom center of the interactive scoreboard.
  • New version of post match summary showing awards and XP progress.
  • Esc switches to interactive scoreboard when displaying post match summary.
  • Split kills and deathblows on the Showdown scoreboard.


  • Outline dropped flag when in view. Don't draw separate flag icon in FlagRun, instead circle around flag/FC.
  • In world flag beacon overhaul.
  • Fixed HUD win message scaling.
  • Adjusted order of rendering for HUD widgets, so can see ammo when zoomed overlay is up.
  • In FlagRun, Redeemer beacon pulses when player is in the spawn room.
  • Fixed showing multiple empty slots in a weapon group on weapon bar.
  • Don't allow weapon bar or hud announcements to be scaled above 100%.
  • Adjusted weapon bar default opacity settings.
  • Don't show redeemer on weapon bar when don't have it.
  • Shrink quick chat bar a bit and don't cover the whole screen in smoke.
  • Added HUD shake on weapon fire. Removed the XY screenshake from shock and sniper.
  • Turn off HUD mini quick info by default.
  • Spectator slide-out no longer shows players that are ineligible for viewing by the local player (e.g. enemy team when spectating because out of lives)


  • Generalized ability for local messages to cancel voice announcement client-side when about to play due to changed game conditions.


  • Hubs now support custom naming of a game.
  • Added FlagRun Coop vs AI ruleset.
  • Siege PVE prototype game now available as hub ruleset.
  • Removed BigDM and iDM rulesets.
  • Added RequireFull option for matches to require all players to join before match will start.
  • Added a "Allow Bots" check box to the match creation screen.
  • Smoothed out joining matches on a hub.
  • Matches that are still "launching" are now displayed
  • You can now join a match that is in the process of launching
  • Everyone gets the StartMatchWindow if they can't go directly into the game
  • Fixed players cannot back out of an Instance once the hub lobby has been shut down.
  • Fixed crash issue for custom matches using lots of mutators.
  • Fixed the custom setup dialog to be cleaner in terms of presentation
  • Don't show active matches on the hub list for password protected hubs to prevent various exploits to bypass passwords.
  • Return to hub, not main menu, if decline custom content loading when trying to enter a hub match.
  • Only fill DM games with empty slots up with up to 5 bots rather than 8.

Effects and Rendering

  • New prototype health and armor pickups
  • First person flag pickup effect.
  • Sheen effect on pickups.
  • Set fixed bounding boxes on a bunch of particle effects to improve performance.
  • New materials with customization support for Sniper Rifle, Flak Cannon, Link Gun, and Rocket Launcher.


  • Increased amplification of enemy footsteps behind you.
  • Increased volume of rocket loading sound.
  • No redeemer low fuel warning sound after shot down or blown up.
  • Adjusted level music volumes that were inconsistent.
  • Separate quieter reload sound for instagib rifle.
  • Made male and female death cues louder (volume 0.75 to 1.0)
  • Louder flag pick up/returned sounds. Still attenuated, but not ducked because now classed as stingers.
  • Fixed link gun beam looping sound not playing if start alt-fire during primary cool down.
  • Changed jumppad sound attenuation settings.
  • Only use generic footstep sound (temp for testing).
  • Increased volume of rocket loading and rocket firing sounds.

Mod Support

  • Add NotifyPlayerDefaultsSet so that blueprint game mods know when the inventory has been given out.
  • Expose config file writing to mods. All goes to Mod.ini, user selected sections and keys.
  • Better access to UMG based HudWidgets for blueprint.
  • Added a hud event BeforeFirstFrame which is called directly before the first frame is rendered and only then.
  • Fixed bug where blueprint referenced objects were cleaned up or not async loaded, which caused a bunch of Elimination crashes.


  • Increased XP awarded for FlagRun games.
  • Flag carrier is always pinged when he kills an enemy, even if not in target's view at time of shot.
  • Added early incoming warning support, so can get incoming warnings before enemy FC penetrates inner base.
  • Adjustments to undefended route notifications.
  • Give players locker weapons on spawn in FlagRun.
  • Play incoming warning in warning zones if FC is pinged in zone.
  • Increased priority of door rally message.
  • Decreased priority of terminated message.
  • Cancel speaking some obsolete callouts (get the flag after flag is picked up, and need rally after rally starts).
  • Repeating alarm while flag held inside defender base.
  • Sniper call out when teammate is targeted by enemy sniper who also has line of sight to you.
  • New round highlights added.
  • Now have end of match highlights for FlagRun.


  • Updated gold star challenges to include FlagRun challenges and some of the Chill and Underland challenges, retired some old challenges, and adjusted the higher tier unlock levels.


  • Weapon animation overhaul (Enforcer, Link Gun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Lightning Rifle, and Shock Rifle).
    • New positioning.
    • New firing and idle animations.
    • New animations to support player movement feedback.
  • Improvements to how direction change anims are triggered with leans on consecutive direction changes and under certain speeds.
  • Changed rules from stop transition back to moving.


  • Significant improvements to hitscan registration.

Bots and AI

  • Fixed AI incorrectly thinking they are in a spawn protected area in some situations (fixes offense AI issues in FR-Loh).
  • Improved bot pickup detour handling, especially when near other bots.
  • Fixed various cases of bots not being aware of enemies picking up certain items.
  • Fixed a pathing issue on DM-Sand.
  • Improved bot sniping behavior and added AI logic for lightning rifle.
  • Improved AI behavior with suppressive weapons (spam at enemy's last seen location even if AI heard them elsewhere).
  • Fixed bots sometimes crowding the flag carrier at the attacker spawn in flag run.
  • Fixed bots having wrong focus when on a jump pad if they aren't actively engaged with an enemy.
  • Fixed rare issue of bots pathing incorrectly to a jump pad on a different floor than they are currently on.
  • Improved behavior of bots that are charging an enemy and successfully reach them without combat being resolved
  • Fixed sniper weapons not being flagged as such for the AI.
  • Bot skill encoded into their ping as 90 - 10*skill.
  • Fixed bots defending FC in CTF getting indecisive/confused if the enemy flag carrier has been recently detected.
  • Fixed bot attack/defend assignments when a bot normally on defense happens to pick up the enemy flag.
  • Fixed missing water navigation in DM-Underland.

Pre-Match and Post-Match

  • Lineups enabled for all game modes.
  • End of match freeze projectiles and effects in all game modes.
  • Regular CTF halftime works more like a FlagRun intermission.
  • Add spectator cameras as fallbacks to the initial loading view system.

Kicking and Banning

  • Improved idle detection implementation.
  • Reset idle on new player on join so late joining player doesn’t get kicked for idling.
  • Added a 10 second grace period where players who were not idle at the end of the last match are guaranteed a slot via prelogin.
  • Kick Vote % is recovered when the PRI rebuilt to keep players from clearing a kick vote in progress by reconnecting.
  • Fixed admin bans.
  • Fixed bans and kicks not always getting their message to the client before the client shuts down.

Basic Training

  • Limit upwards skill adjust for basic training bots.
  • Updated Flag Run Tutorial: added dialog about rallying.


  • Simple UI to join LAN games. Detected LAN matches now show up on main page of UI.
  • Duck the menu music when web announcement is playing.
  • Clear out announcements when the menu closes.
  • Fixed panels not getting cleaned up when menus closed.
  • Added code to flush the input stack when a movie finishes loading.
  • Fixed issues with UI losing focus when alt-tabbing in and out of game.
  • Fixed Social Bing notification updating after sending or accepting friend requests.
  • Added a tally of stars to the MCPProfile so that the backend can access it for the player card.
  • Updated matchmaking dialog.
  • Fix for a crash if viewing a player card offline.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed duel playerstart selection not taking other player choices into account.
  • Fixed offline challenges filling with extra bots.


  • Fixed matchmaking dialog not going away for party members if the leader cancels.
  • Don't quit hub lobby if you hit join party.
  • Updated same server check for party server transfer to exclude cases when you are a spectator and should get converted to regular player.

Warm Up

  • Reduced Quickmatch max warm up to 2 minutes, Hub match max warmup to 3 minutes.
  • Warm up lasts only 60 seconds for LAN servers and quickmatch or hub games that have already completed one match.
  • Quickmatch will start with just 1 human player at end of warmup.
  • Regular hub matches will start with 2 human players, except for competitive game modes that don't allow join in progress,

which require a full complement of players.

  • Ranked matches also require a full complement of players to start.
  • No longer have per gamemode/URL controlled MinPlayersToStart property.
  • Fixed some impact effects not vanishing on transition between rounds and from warmup to game start
  • Warm up notification on HUD.


  • Fixed stale announcements playing at the start of a FlagRun instant replay.
  • Chat support during instant replay.
  • Added "Instant Replay" to instant replay HUD.
  • Fixed destroyed level actors not being handled properly for replays when starting from a checkpoint.

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