Version Notes 2017 04 19

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 4/19/2017

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • Visually complete Grenade Launcher with materials and new animations.
  • First person animation work and new positioning options.
  • Player animation improvements, including improved taunt and feigning death support.
  • Blitz is the new name for Flag Run, and we’ve continued iterating on UT’s newest game mode.
  • Duel rules changes based on competitive community feedback.
  • Streamlined start up process for hub matches, with host control of match start.
  • Map Selection between matches is now done with map vote after all matches except ranked matches, including standalone games.


  • Fort visual work in progress
  • Meltdown updates
  • Loh updates and bug fixes
  • Chill bug fixes
  • Community map updates to DM-Backspace, DM-Batrankus , CTF-Polaris, DM-Salt, and DM-Unsaved.


  • Fixed Shock ball and Redeemer interactions with Translocator disks, and Redeemer missile interactions with other Redeemers.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Increased Flak primary fire interval 0.75s->0.8s.
    • Increased Flak Cannon max ammo 24->32.
  • Lightning Rifle
    • Lightning Rifle has extra refire delay after fully powered shot.
    • Fixed lightning rifle client/server zoom state mismatch when picking up dropped LR.
    • Fixed cases where proper instigator credit wasn’t given for lightning projectile damage over time.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • No delay between alt fired rockets.
  • Enforcer
    • Clamp max vertical spread of enforcer.

Movement and Controls

  • Adjusted dodge landing acceleration.
  • Reduced minimum mouse sensitivity from 1.0 to 0.05.


  • More intense screen edge damage indicator, stays on when health gets down to 40.
  • Quality clean-up of older crosshairs.
  • Show hit indicators and damage numbers for hits on redeemer missiles..
  • Show directional damage indicators when dead.
  • Damage direction is relative to current player rotation.
  • No kickback on netinfo widget.
  • Don't display announcement for timer countdown from 10 down.
  • Display “Game is Paused” message when paused in multiplayer game.


  • Can start hub instances with just one human player.
  • Added Host Controlled Start option, checked by default.
    • Host (player who started instance) can start match at any time from warm up by pressing enter.
    • LAN servers are also host controlled.
  • Hubs should no longer be setting the team.
  • Fixed custom bot numbers in custom matches.
  • Empty HUB instances are not cleaning up if "Rconexec pause" was activated by previous user
  • When a player attempts to rejoin a match that irequires all slots to be filled, allow them to bypass the join in progress check because they are returning.
  • Removed BigDM from default rulesets.


  • Overtime in Duel and TDM is fixed 2 minutes, rather than ending on next kill.
  • Ranked Duel is now 10 minutes, but with mercy score of 8 (match ends if player leads by 8 or more).
  • Added DeckTest to ranked duel map list.
  • No spawn protection in Duel.
  • No power ups in Duel.

Effects and Rendering

  • Delay particle system deactivation if async work is pending
  • Fixed particles spawning a ton of lights
  • Fix for muzzle flash barrel order, flashes should now be on the correct barrel for any number of rockets
  • Udamage particle system updates / revisions to match each weapon.
  • Updated invisible skin material for low quality mode.
  • Reduced bounds and set attach parent as appropriate for various effects.


  • Map Ambients; various indoor, outdoor, water sounds for maps.
  • Made attenuated cue for flak raise sound.
  • Tweaked some projectile flight sounds.

Mod Support

  • Fixed FDatabaseRow not being usable in UTGameInstance.
  • Added some examples for SQLite support.
  • WeaponRenderScale exposed to weapon blueprints.
  • Added OverrideGiveTo() blueprint event to inventory to allow special handling of pickups. Called only is bCallOwnerEvent is true.
  • Change to allow Blueprint to read FirstPersonMesh from UTCharacter.


  • Reduced default Quickmatch DM difficulty.
  • Removed the tutorial locks on Quickmatch.
  • Blackstone, Heist, and Highroad are no longer in Blitz Quickmatch rotation, still available in custom matches.
  • Remove party restriction on Quickmatch DM.
  • Quickmatch games should only allow mapvote on Quickmatch map lists.
  • Cleaned up the matchmaking dialog.

LAN Servers

  • HostId is now set for LAN matches
  • If the host leaves a LAN match, everyone else is removed and the server shut down.
  • Disabled idle kick in a LAN games.
  • Made main menu LAN server list more responsive by increasing the frequency of lan server searches and adding a heartbeat to detect when they close down.
  • Don't search for lan servers if matchmaking is happening.


  • Always show single player challenge option in addition to basic training on main menu.
  • Added "Flag Run /Training Solo vs AI" as third option on that first line
  • Reverse the game mode and descriptor on the main menu buttons. EG Quickplay should be under game mode, not over it.
  • Don't show back arrow from replay.
  • New Start Match / Join Warm up / Change Team buttons.
  • Check for and display update information if needed whenever player returns to main menu.
  • Fixed Player loses focus and is pulled from escape menu interaction, when replay/lineup transition occurs.


  • Flag Run is now called Blitz.
  • Supply Chests replace weapon lockers. Supply Chests provide both ammo and health in team spawn areas.
  • Added "Rally is hot" callout support. Updated other new Tommy callouts.
  • Fixed determining if player won Blitz challenge games using tiebreakers..
  • XP credit in Blitz for kill assists and caps.
  • Fixed instant replay cameras following the right players after defensive wins and annihilations.
  • Added delivery boy highlight award.
  • Give win conditions if necessary before round 4.
  • Fixed nearby player keeping flag from auto-returning in KillZ.
  • Fixed Door Opening message.
  • Removed redundant bot FC callout in Blitz.
  • Fixed Scoreboard can get stuck on screen after elimination in Flag Run when the player has control of their mouse pointer

Player Animations

  • Improved transitions out of feign death, with two new get up from feign death animations..
  • Added physics body at the root bone so pelvis can blend in and out of physics when reattaching to actor. Does not collide with any other bodies and moved to hip placement and pelvis is locked to it so actor stays with mesh (effectively replaces pelvis collision).
  • Added support for upper body only emotes while moving.
  • Allow blend out of idle leans back to idle if crouching.
  • Added sphere trace when movement mode = walking that has a radius 5 units bigger than cylinder to check for movement along walls or other world objects. When against wall turn off running transitions and change blend from fwd movement to backpedal to 0 to help limit odd rotations and transitions.
  • Removed blend time on the few running blendspaces that still had it on, all running blendspaces have blend set to 0, crouch is still 3.
  • Removed not backpedal requirement to blend out of slide, legacy that was breaking slide.
  • Removed not backpedal requirement to transition back to run from direction change.

First Person Weapon Meshes and Animations

  • New Grenade Launcher mesh with materials and animations
  • Removed hidden weapons option in favor of lowered position options.
  • Removed "Panini" vertex shader, replaced with cleaner FOV correction with scale.
  • Fixed translocator team material.
  • Wall run first person animations.
  • Fixed bringup/down sound cues (enforcer not playing for some reason).

.* Rocket launcher anims - moved sounds to cue via animNotify.

  • Translocator now using base pistol anims.
  • Added ability to use idleOffset pose to globally alter gun pose .
  • Changed to mesh space additive blend instead of local space
  • Tweaked render weapon scale values.


  • Fixed issues with hitscan hit location replication. Fixes occasional missed hitscan replication when firing repeatedly at exactly the same point.
  • Fixed pausing in network games.
  • Fixed potential idle kick of player who rejoined after disconnecting.

Bots and AI

  • Simple bot commands using voice menu, including "Drop Flag" request.
  • Bots shouldn't be requesting team swaps.
  • Fixed some issues with the Siege sniper monster's weapon effects.
  • Bot characters have skill adjust instead of absolute skill, and a minimum difficulty level they appear at.
  • Improvements to Blitz bot AI, particularly on defense.
  • Hopefully fixed bots rarely getting stuck in an Blitz map spawn targeting an enemy they can't quite actually hit.
  • Blitz bot defenders a little more patient at game start, don't charge so close to enemy spawn after flag.
  • Tweaked bot handling of dropped flag to reduce bots clumping up too much.
  • Added AI defense points to FR-Meltdown and FR-Loh.
  • Fixed defending bots getting stuck on FR-Fort center door.


  • No dead body when player leaves during lineup.
  • Siege always shows player team lineup at end of match.
  • Fix for character facing the wrong way in line-ups after running out of lives.
  • Fix for character moving during line-up locally.
  • Fixes for bots in lineups.
  • Removed arbitrary offset during LineUp for non-local players.
  • Fixed feet being unaligned during line ups, with groundwork for lineup specific idles.
  • Lineup weapons respect mutators (show instagib rifle if instagib, etc.).
  • Improved diversity of weapons shown in pre-match lineups.
  • Broke up the monotony of the line up idle all being the same speed and same start point.


  • Can always toggle scoreboard with tab during intermissions and after game ends.
  • Fixed frozen particles lingering after intermission in CTF.
  • Fixed various projectiles not showing up in end of round freeze frame.
  • Don't draw outlines during intermission.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Only send comms to teammates.
  • Dropped weapons now stay around for 20 seconds.
  • Weapon pickups respawn after 20 seconds in no weapon stay games..


  • Fixed deathmatch party queueing.
  • Cancel out pending searching before joining while in a party and shut down the lan search once you join a party.

Map Selection

  • Removed map rotations.
  • Now support map vote after all matches (except ranked), including standalone games.
  • Simplified end of match timing and reduced delay before map vote.
  • Show time till map vote.
  • Fixed map vote issues and made minor changes to how it displays information.

New Player Flow

  • Only force you into the DM tutorial on first start up.
  • Removed the code that forced you to the Basic Training menu since it's on the main page.
  • Show skippable game tutorial video before standalone (but not MP) matches if have never played.
  • Don't force players into tutorials when trying to enter any other mode.
  • Reduced DM tutorial to 7 minutes. Tweaks to bot skill auto-adjust.

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