Virtual Towers Online

Game Information
Virtual Towers Online
Developer Immortal Media Studios
Team Members Peter Barker, Dave Ainsworth, Ben Moore, Jordan Smith, Carl Overend
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Release Date TBA
Genre Arcade, open world, rollercoasters, alton towers, exploration, theme park, simulation
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YouTube Virtual Towers Online - Official YouTube Channel
Discord Virtual Towers Online - Discord Community


Virtual Towers Online is a complete recreation of the Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. We are using the architectural block plans (submitted to Stafforshire Moorlands District Council for new park developments), and a huge library of photographs, to recreate the theme park on a popular 3D modelling program (Google Sketchup). This method is allowing us to create a virtual model, which is identical in every way to the real thing, to an accuracy of +/- 0.5m. That will include, working rides, shops, games stalls, ancillary/service buildings, and all theming elements. Even the trees will be accurate to their correct species, placement, and last recorded height!



This game is still in the early stages of development.

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