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A resulting material, applied on a rock mesh

In this tutorial we will be working on the dynamic snow material, which can either be used with material instances or in more complex way, with blueprints. The page will be extending, when new tutorials for the material would be published.

End result

Tessellated snow material

Some of the material features can be seen in these videos:


All the tutorials made will be posted here.

Basic snow material tutorial


In this tutorial you will create the snow material with some basic functionality:

  • Adjustable snow amount
  • Custom normal&diffuse maps
  • Full parameters exposure to dynamic material instances and blueprints

Basic blueprint snow tutorial


In this tutorial you will learn how to use basic snow material in the Blueprints.

  • Dynamic material instancing
  • Proximity-based blueprint

Tesselated snow tutorial part 1


In this tutorial you will prepare your material for the tessellation, making the snow effect appear primarily on the top of a mesh.

Tesselated snow tutorial part 2


In this tutorial we will apply basic tessellation to our material, making sure it appears properly on the top and is fully adjustable from material instances.

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