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Outstanding Items

This page is meant to keep track of items we (Linux Community) are currently working on inside Unreal Engine, that are still outstanding or need more polish. This page is a sub-page of Linux support.

We need more people to get involved! If you wish to take ownership of item already listed and work on it, add your name beside it. Otherwise, if you know of another item that needs more work and/or is not listed here, please add it in (and optionally include your github or IRC handle if you plan to work on it).

Items (in random order):

- Voice Chat

- UE4 UI/Slate SDL2(X11/WM) improvements (yaakuro)

- Unreal Frontend

- SourceCodeAccessor improvements/new ones (IDEA, CLion) (amigo)

- General performance optimizations

- OpenGL optimizations

- DirectoryWatcher is broken for sub-sub-folders, to see run: Engine/Binaries/Linux/TestPAL dirwatcher (amigo) done

- ...

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