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First of all thank you for this, very generous! Secondly, I'm having a little trouble with the tutorial. This is my first time working through this process ever. I am very much an Unreal noob and not a programmer, but I'm very curious. I'm an artist, and I think that knowing how to do this I could come up with a really cool way of showing off some work, and I'd really like to help my son who wants to learn how to design games! Anyway, I'm working in the Gamesinstance, and I'm looking for the dropdown that should be on my Leave_Current_State Macro, but I do not have the dropdown. I've just got a blank box next to the 'Desired State' byte input. Can you help me figure out what I missed?

Thanks again!

Yes, make sure the input for that function is set to the 'State' ENUM you created.

hello i am having a problem with the menu. I followed your tutorial and all that appears is the background. Ive tried everything so i was wondering if you could help.

Great Tutorial! But... need a little help

Hello there!

I have been working through this tutorial and I really appreciate the way that you explain things! I have been working through a LOT of video and written tutorials for UE4 and none of them are as helpful as yours!

That being said, I did have a question about Part 1. You mention creating our custom events Show_Background, Show_MainMenu, and Start_Game under our L_Player_Controller Event Graph, which seems to be OK for showing the background image, but then I noticed later in the tutorial you mention that "...we need to jump back to where that Start_Game was in our 'L_GameInstance_BP' and add something." I guess I'm confused as to if we were supposed to create everything in the GameInstance (which we would need to create all the variables and macros in order to call them in our custom events) or if there is a way to call variables from L_Player_Controller in the L_GameInstance_BP (which I don't think there is or should be if I understand everything correctly).

Your help in this would be greatly appreciated!



This is such a well laid out tutorial. It teaches you the first time you do things and then tells you less and less which is awesome. However, there is an issue when setting pu the menu as mentioned by someone else. It has you go back to L_GameState_BP, but we have yet to add anything into that so far. When you try to follow the steps youo are unable to setup the event graph according to the pdf. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is by far the best learning resource I've found for UE4.

Thank you. -Brian

Same problem as Nick


First of all i want to thank you for making this awesome tutorial. Until now it's going really well, but i've ran into a little problem. Just like Nick i'm a little bit confused regarding the Start_Game and Show_Background. In the tutorial you said to create them in the L_Player_Controller blueprint, but later in the tutorial you say we should go back to our Start_Game in the L_GameInstance_BP blueprint. Where should i put these?

Edit: I got it all working now. You have to put everything in the L_PLayer_Controller blueprint. The L_GameInstance_BP is empty. Don't forget your variables and macros. Then, the background is showing but the main menu isn't. I got it fixed by removing the Leave_Current_State macro and connecting the Show_MainMenu directly to the isValid. This works for me now.


Just found this great tutorial and I am sorry to say that during working through the first PDF I am also coming across the same problem as Nicks earlier post. Just wondering if anyone has found a fix for this or is someone able to release the tutorial with better instructions

-Josh (16-11-16)

Hi Josh, i edited my original post with the solution. The Leave_Current_State macro is working again now. Don't know how, but it works.

-Kasper (17-11-16)

Little bit confused

Hi Arbo,

first of all thanks for the great tutorial. I am working with it for days now. But now i am a little confused, because sometimes (I think) accidently switch the blueprints (or not).

I am working step by step in the Blueprints you told me to. But at some points i can not go on, because the Macros you want to use or the variables I need for the Blueprint are in another blueprint so i cannot add these.

Do I have to create these double? I never really know if we are in the Game_Instance or in the player_Controller.

Is it possible that this is swapped sometimes?

Kind Regards



Sadly there are several mistakes. Things like Text is suddenly a String or Names of Variables Change suddenly. So be carefull and allways double check what u add or not otherwise u have to search the details to get something working....

Maps and modes not showing


First of all thank you for this great tutorial, unfortunetely I´m having some problems:

The problem is that in MM_Host I can´t get the maps and modes to be shown. I think there is a problem with the macros of Set_Map_Name_TXT and Set_Mode_Name_TXT, as you specify to use the variables of Display_Name and Map Name (of S_MAPS) as arrays, but in the screenshots we can see you are using them as single variables. The same goes for the variables of Mode Name and Mode Alias, you are using it like single variables in the screenshots of the Set_Mode_Name and Set_Map_Name but somewhere you specify to use them as an array when setting up S_Modes. The problem also happens with the rest of the "host menu" elements: the elements that are text based, like map name, mode name or connection appear blank, and the elements that are numeric, like score limit or time limit doesn´t show the ENUM value (5,10,15,20, etc), it shows numbers corresponding at the number of slots defined at the ENUM, for example, if I put one of those enums with apples, oranges, etc instead of numbers, when playing the game you don´t see apples, oranges etc, you see 0, 1, 2...

PARTIALLY SOLVED: Thanks to Suit and Tie, the problem were that I didn´t specify my Game Instance Class on Project Settings, you have to choose L_Game_Instance_BP for it to work properly! Numeric values are still showing the ENUM slot number instead of what I defined on it...

Also I wanted to give a hint for those who are trying to follow this guide and the menu or host window doesn´t show: in the "Leave_Current_State" macro, connect the startup node with the "Set menu state" slot, the author tells us to do it in some page, but if you didn´t read it, you might not notice and give up...

There is a discussion that helped me a lot:

Great tutorial, thanks to Arbopa for this!


== LAN Boolean Error on Host_Game == (Solved)

Hi and first off thank you for the great tutorial on hosting in UE4!

I have followed your tutorial and have learned a great deal from it. I didn't run into any problems up until we start pulling our data to the host_game in the MM_Host. I created a LAN boolean in both the game instance and the MM_Host. When I try and connect the LAN pins to the host_game and the game instance this is what I get:

"This blueprint (self) is not a My_GameInstance_C, therefore ' Target ' must have a connection."

"Variable node Get LAN uses an invalid target. It may depend on a node that is not connected to the execution chain, and got purged."


I also realize that my mode nodes aren't properly connected in this picture. They have recently been fixed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Renzuken

I have figured out what the problem was. My "cast to game instance" needed to be converted to a "pure cast". I'm sure I read that in the tutorial at some point, but I couldn't find it near this part. So simply right click the node and set to pure cast.

I actually ended up with this problem a few times before I figured out the problem, so I had to go back and fix a few things. Basically I ended up putting my variables in different spots to access them, unfortunately, this affects the way the code interacts.