UE4: Up and Running (book)

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About This Book

Disclaimer: This is currently still just a concept and is very much a work in progress.

This book is planned to be a chapter-by-chapter guide to getting up and running with UE4 with no prior knowledge of the engine or any previous versions of the engine. I'm thinking it shouldn't cover C++ or some of the very advanced parts of Blueprints, but act as a beginner's guide to starting work with UE4.

The main reason for wanting to start this book was to have an easily laid-out guide that readers can skip through to suit their skill level, and also contribute if they feel something is lacking or if something could have been written better.

Hopefully with the support and help from the community it'll grow into a great guide for newcomers to get started.


You're completely free to edit the contents of this page however you see fit, and I encourage you to do just that. But for any major changes, I think it'd be a good idea to utilize the Talk pages to discuss changes with any other contributors to avoid stepping on toes or writing up content that someone else might already be working on.

Table of Contents

This is just a very basic table of contents that I thought would be good starting grounds to cover for the book. It's by no means set in stone. Most of it takes inspiration from books in the same area.

Introduction Template:Book/infobox/1

  • Who are Epic Games?
  • Who is this book for?

Chapter 1: Introducing Unreal Engine 4 Template:Book/infobox/1

  • What is UE4?
  • What can UE4 be used for?
  • UE4 Features
    • UE4 Editor
    • Blueprints
  • Downloading and installing the UE4 launcher

Chapter 2: Our First Project Template:Book/infobox/1

Chapter 3: Blueprints Template:Book/infobox/1

  • What are Blueprints?
  • Using Blueprints

Appendix A: UE4 Cookbook Template:Book/infobox/1