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Figure 1. A peek into the plugin UI in the UE4 editor.

Good Morning.

I guess you are likely here to learn about me, what I do, have done or will do. Perhaps you are here to contact me?

I go by Bob_Gneu pretty much everywhere I go.

I also smile a lot. =)



Title Role UE Version Release Date Version
Exodus Lead Programmer 4.4.3 08/01/2014 1.0.3
Derelict Lead Designer 4.4.3 08/01/2014 1.0.0a


Title Role UE Version Release Date Version
Flathead Lead Developer 4.4.3 05/26/2014 Alfa Romeo
Atlas Lead Developer 4.4.3 TBD RC 1



Title UE Version Updated
Linking Static Libraries Using The Build System 4.4.3 09/10/2014
An Introduction to UE4 Plugins 4.4.3 09/10/2014


Title UE Version Updated
Oculus Rift: Separate View 4.4.2 09/09/2014
Slate, Hello 4.4.3 09/26/2014