Version Notes 2016 11 10

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Unreal Tournament Release Notes

Version notes for build released 11/10/2016

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:

  • New community maps available free in the marketplace: Deathmatch maps Batrankus, Unsaved, Backspace, and Salt, plus capture the flag map Polaris.
  • Updates to Grenade Launcher, Redeemer, Link Gun and Rocket Launcher functionality.
  • AI improvements for bots.


  • Added game support for new community maps in the marketplace. Deathmatch maps Batrankus, Unsaved, Backspace, and Salt, plus CTF map Polaris.
  • Removed Spooky Face Halloween themed map.
  • Facing Worlds
    • Rebuilt base interior collision mesh to fix weird collision interaction with the redeemer.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Chill
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Underland
    • Screen space shadows adjustment
  • Pistola Battlegrounds
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Removed WIP maps DM-Vortex, DM-RGB, DM-SidCastle, CTF-Lance, and CTF-Dam from default map rotations.
  • Game mode tutorials have intro movies instead of fly throughs.
  • Weapon Training
    • Fire mode description tweaks for link gun and stinger.
  • Movement Training
    • Changed dodge tutorial. New behavior is if the user did not use double tap dodge at all, prompt them to turn the feature on/off.


  • Grenade Launcher
    • Alt-fire now alternates between firing a single sticky grenade and detonating it.
    • Adjustments to firing rate and damage for primary and alt grenades.
    • Fixed grenade launcher switch priority.
    • Grenade launcher time delay before sticky detonation.
    • Fixed projectiles not colliding with sticky grenades.
  • Link Gun
    • Delay cool down slightly so tapping fire button fast is less desireable. 10% more shots before need cooldown.
    • Primary fire 4.5% faster firing rate.
    • Link pull on release if target held for 0.25 seconds. Secondary (yellow) Beam turns white when link pull is enabled, and red circle appears around reticle.
  • Redeemer
    • Guided redeemer has 20 seconds of fuel.
    • Guided Redeemer doesn't get blocked by projectiles, which was causing it to insta-explode.
    • Always render guided redeemer outline when unoccluded for both teammates and enemies.
    • Slowed redeemer missile down by 15%.
    • Fixed delay timer on shot down guided redeemers and increased explosion delay to 2 seconds.
    • Made redeemer attachment bigger.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Can only lock onto targets with Rocket Launcher when loading up alt fire.
    • Lock on takes only 0.5 seconds.
    • Seeking rockets move more slowly, seek better than before.
    • Seeking rocket nose flashes.
    • Rocket lock-on icon is white during lock acquisition, and yellow when lock is acquired.
    • Lock icon remains on and red after seeking rocket is fired.
    • Multi-rockets have a slightly longer burst interval and are fired in a triangular pattern.
  • Shock Rifle
    • Hitscan traces from other weapons are no longer blocked by shock balls.
  • Stinger
    • Primary 3% faster firing rate.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Reduced head shot radius scaling when shooter is stopped from 1.8x to 1.4x.


  • Show in-world skull indicators for dead players in team game modes.
  • Improved Player in-world beacon visibility and health/armor display.
  • Never draw player beacons right under the crosshair.
  • Use chat font for player beacon names, and scale them down if too long/
  • Reduced the size of fonts used in the HUD.
  • In world objective icons more opaque, don't allow too close to crosshair.
  • Hit indicator more clearly scales with damage amount.
  • Auto generated chat messages use same (smaller) font size as player typed chat messages.
  • Don't display character call outs in chat feed.
  • Reduced size of HUD ammo display.
  • Fixed kill skulls on HUD for guided redeemer kills.
  • Added indicator on weapon wheel if weapon is out of ammo.
  • Show skulls for gibbed players on minimap.
  • Damage indicators always point down for caused by world damage.


  • Show kill feed on scoreboard
  • Fixed team stats positioning on CTF scoreboard.
  • Don't allow ready changes while match is starting.
  • Fixed offset for Friends icon in scoreboard.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Fixed the hub ping calculation.
  • Increased the default hub tickrate.
  • Fixed after refreshing the server browser, the join and spectate options are removed.
  • Fixed case where the client trying to start a new match instance could be kicked out.
  • Fixed the Game Settings menu not displaying all game modes if it is opened too quickly after joining a hub.
  • Fixed text chat in the lobby sometimes not working.

Effects and Rendering

  • Prevent film tonemapper from getting turned on: was making levels too dark in cooked builds.
  • Made screenshakes crisper with linear component to interpolation.
  • Added small screenshakes for weapon firing.
  • Turn bloom dirt back on for Epic settings
  • New temporary armor pickup meshes that are more distinguishable from each other.
  • Fixed contact shadow rendering artifacts.
  • Remove link beam sparks when hitting pawns.
  • Added geometry overlap effect to shock combo effect (at high detail settings)
  • Made flak shell bigger.
  • Adjusted various projectile visual offsets.
  • Fixed flak shell visual offset not being updated.
  • Center projectile visual offset with hidden weapons.
  • Reduced link projectile emissive.
  • Fixed issues with the decal lifetime setting.
  • Adjusted flak satellite shards positioning and remove them once shard overlap radius has shrunk to final size.
  • Fixed dual enforcer 3p muzzle flash.
  • Fix for weapon collision on portion of Redeemer blast effect.
  • Fixed rare crash with particle systems destroying render state.

Death Cam

  • If not line of sight to killer, spawn a hologram of the killer at the location where he shot from and look at that.
  • Only follow killer for three seconds with death cam.
  • Deathcam zoom more gentle.
  • Adjusted deathcam view position over the body and other improvements.


  • Fixed issues with fast-forward/scrubbing. Skip unneeded sound playing and effects playing.


  • Fixed frequent Mac client crashes.
  • Fixed various other rare crashes.
  • Allow using windowed resolutions that are equal to the desktop resolution.

Bots and AI

  • Fixed setting bot viewpitch in standalone games. (so bots aim up/down)
  • Added support for bots calculating partial paths when an objective is temporarily inaccessible.
  • Cached jump capabilities at the start of pathing to improve performance; changed path building to add additional pathnodes to segment large areas better, improving performance when there are lots of paths branching from that area (e.g. CTF-BigRock lowgrav area).
  • Fixed some cases where bots weren't using alternate paths when they should.
  • Fixed some bot aiming issues when the enemy is close range, especially at lower skill levels.
  • Fixed bug with bots targeting enemies that are trying to move through/past them at close range.
  • Fixed bots not properly targeting head/feet due to traces hitting certain overlap volumes.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would try to begin following their base assault path on a jump pad, causing them to sometimes get stuck on it.
  • Fixed crash with bots hunting guided redeemers.
  • Fixed jump pads with restricted air control sometimes generating AI paths that can't be reached.
  • Fixed pathing on CTF-Plaza.
  • Added a flag to UTJumpPad to disable AI trying to air control on the way up for edge cases in some levels where they clip a ledge or outcropping trying to air control too early.
  • Improved bot response time to enemies when camping at defense point.
  • Improved bots predictively loading rockets.
  • Added missing flak cannon AI.
  • Improved bot minigun fire mode selection.
  • Fixed edge case where bots weren't crouching correctly on crouch paths.
  • Added map errors for using unsupported engine navmesh objects.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck on the edge of the navmesh in some cases.

Warm up and Pre-Match

  • Replaced "you are on deck" with "match is starting" when warm up ends.
  • Fixed powerup timers during warm up.
  • Switch back to startspot view when match is starting.
  • Change viewed start on team change if using team starts.
  • Fixed player state after leaving warm up and changing teams.
  • Kill the character as well if player leaves warm up while guiding a redeemer.

Match Starting

  • Minimum 30 second wait time to start match if it isn't full.
  • Increased how long to wait for players in both quickmatch and non-quickmatch scenarios.
  • Extended timeout for matchmaking.
  • Fixed Player joins their last played offline match when attempting to reconnect to a Quickplay match.


  • Fixed slow updating of important UTPlayerstate properties.
  • Fixed client side movement prediction error with acceleration handling (thanks Laurent).
  • Don't play footstep sounds on server, since they are played client-side.
  • Support for configurable server thread sleep times.
  • Disabled net dormancy.
  • Character and projectile replication frequency and priority tweaks.
  • Only check for blocked head shots server side, to avoid client/server mismatches.

Flag Run

  • Fixed rally points. Power them up while holding the flag to allow your team to rally to you.
  • Instant replay of caps.
  • Many other improvements.


  • Amplify volume of enemy footsteps behind the player.
  • Fixed issues with sound occlusion calculation that were affecting footstep sounds.
  • Fixed rocket loading sounds attenuation settings.
  • Increased redeemer explosion sound radius.
  • Failsafe for ambient sounds not stopping on pawn destruction.
  • Added flag pickup stinger played for the new carrier.
  • Menu music now loops correctly.
  • Fixed sound volume slider tool tips.

Parties and Invites

  • When accepting an invite and in a hub, quit back to main menu.
  • Leave party if you are disconnected during map load.


  • Removed Halloween UI and music
  • Re-enabled the fullscreen loading movie.
  • Support configuring movie vignettes per map.
  • Show name of server/map being loaded over movie when transitioning.
  • Fixed the movie crashes.
  • Fixed the tutorial menu popping up when you failed a login.
  • Player name entry limited to 16 characters in Player Settings menu.
  • Fixed Login popup does not always appear after selecting 'Sign In'.
  • Fixed other edge case issues with logging in.
  • Various slate threading crashes fixed.
  • Fixed playercard challenge star formatting.
  • Social Icon generates a "Bang" Exclamation point when a new message is received.
  • Fixed message that confirms you are leaving the game when screen transitions to post match summary.
  • ESC will now act as a back button in the menus.
  • Throw focus to the chat bar when the in game menu is brought up.
  • Clear the chat text if ESC is pressed to leave the menu.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Don't start with armor in FFA.
  • Fixed ragdoll falling damage issues.
  • Health has spawn timers, no pickup base.
  • Don't scale self damage when have udamage.
  • BP_TeamDoor - disable pawn collision when opening, enable when closing
  • Max 10 players in standard TDM rule set.
  • Support kill assist tracking for all game modes, enabled by UTGameMode property bTrackKillAssists. Only enabled for FlagRun currently.
  • Fixed various issues with leader hat updating.
  • Don't ragdoll players who change team during intermissions.
  • Amazing combo awards can happen in warm up.


  • Don't give hit accuracy credit for damage to self.
  • Fixed grenade launcher shots and hits stats.


  • Reduced minimum mouse sensitivity setting in UI.
  • Use real time for dodge tap timings, so not affected by game speed changes.
  • Fixed spacing on the control config dialog so people can find the translocator setting again.

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